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Our commercial support warrants our clients with peace of mind for day-to-day operational matter and simultaneously have commercial access in long term employment decisions of their assets

Our Services

Dry Bulk Cargo

With more than 15 million tons of shipments done till date, below are few of the cargoes which we transport from mini bulk carriers upto cape size vessels.

  • Bulk Minerals – Limestone, Gypsum, Dolomite, Aggregates, Sand, etc.
  • Fertiliser – Urea, DAP, MAP, Sulphur, Rock Phosphate etc.
  • Grains & Oil Seeds – Wheat, Sugar, Corn, Soybean, Rice, Soybean Meal, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Canola, etc.
  • Cement – Bulk & Bagged Cement, Clinker, Slag, Fly Ash etc.
  • Coal – Thermal Coal, Coking Coal, Pet Coke etc.
  • Iron – Iron Ore Fine / Lumps / Pellets, Scrap, Pig Iron, Millscale etc.
  • Steels- Finished and Raw products
  • Wood Chips

Dry Bulk Ocean Freight

  • Athena Shipping offers diversity of marketable offers in terms of voyage charter, time charter, period charter, bareboat charter, COAs and CVC options.
  • Leveraging on our strong market expertise combined with structural ability to handle large and intricate trade flows throughout the sphere.
  • We not only provide freight for ship transport but also inland waterways transport with our parent company’s owned barges, where the accessibility of big vessels is restricted and giving us the competitive edge as compared to our competitors.

Chartering Services

  • Athena Shipping is a young and dynamic dry bulk operating company focusing from handy up to cape size vessels around the globe offering shipping services for transportation of raw materials for industrial clients, conventional bulk cargoes, grains transport, steels, and project cargoes.
  • By possessing the required expertise of market spontaneity, we embrace specific approach for different market scenarios to manage and curb the commercial market risks.
  • Our risk-taking appetite has always been on the scale of available tools in the market like hedging on bunkers, paper trading, booking vessels on period charter etc.

Risk Mitigation

  • Uncertainty plays a major role in any business decision making and shipping is no less volatile considering the seasonal trade, geopolitical issues, increase in fuel prices or charter hires, we assist client by managing their risk – financial, freight and bunkers.
  • we cater to assist our clients in mitigating their risk especially for distress assets including appointing the maritime lawyers, assessing the arrest or take over process, assisting in resolving amicable trade credits, liaison with the governing authorities for necessary paper work etc.

Commercial Management

  • With an inhouse solid experienced commercial and technical team, we provide our customer the peace of mind to safeguard their assets (vessels) especially ship owners with small fleet or financial institutes - investment banks who have secured distress assets, to get them the best return of investments from the market.
  • With an option of pooling of vessels from multiple ship owners.
  • To provide market intelligence and assist with sale of asset(s) including sale negotiations, MOA drafting until complete closure of the deal.
  • Formulate and guide the investors on estimated OPEX and CAPEX cost.

Asset Protection & Techno – commercial support

  • With a comprehensive built-in in-house management system, we associate with our clients to provide complete package for asset protection and to enhance better returns with our market acumen, operational excellence, and technical expertise.
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Athena is partnered with Bimco, Trace and The Baltic Exchange